Isaac Smith

I am an 18 year old game and web developer.


I started programming in 2013-2014 at the age of 11. At first I learned how to make websites, HTML then CSS then Javascript then PHP. After that I thought wouldn’t it be cool to make a game. So I started learning more languages. I learned C first making text-based games, then I learned C++ with SFML to make some games with 2D graphics. That was so great I decided I wanted to be a game developer. So I did research and learned what Game Engines are and started to use Unity3D. Along with that I also learned c# (my best language). Now I make 3D and 2D games with Unity and I also dibble dabble in C++ every now and again.


I started to do 2D art shortly after starting to make games. It was the first kind of art that I could make and felt good about. I would make simple sprites and throw them into a game and feel great about it. After a while of making 2D art I started getting into 3D art. I have been doing 3D art for probably a year and I have expanded my knowledge of 3D art probably by over 100%. Point being, I am a lot better at it then I was.


I have always loved music and always will. I first started playing music when I was about 8. I learned how to play drums well. The next thing I learned was the trumpet, and then the saxophone and then piano/keyboard. I have created some short loops and pieces and I love it. I wish to become much greater at creating music as I continue my life.